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Ok. There really isn’t only one concept of bisexual, plus it certainly doesn’t suggest someone who dates/enjoys men and women similarly and it has fallen deeply in love with men and women. You will find bisexuals that have just dated one sex, or have only dropped deeply in love with one sex, and they’re still bisexual! Additionally, there are a lot of people that do have choice ( e.g. are intimately drawn to men, but discover the the greater part of those insufferable and don’t like to date them, or bisexual homoromantic, which will be the way I often describe myself), which m.xxxstreams will be fine! I might additionally like to see Waverly continue steadily to determine by by herself and employ more terms to explain what/how she identifies, however in the meantime We don’t think that simply because she seems more (romantically) into Nicole than she was into Champ/her AU fiance, that that always means she’s demonstrably gay. I additionally believe that the throwaway line within the AU episode, that was played for laughs and I also saw a lot more of a Buffy reference than other things, is necessarily the end-all that is be-all regards to her identity.

I believe it is fine for gay/lesbian visitors to claim her, but We also think it is a small shitty for most of the people when you look at the feedback to grumble about other people claiming Waverly as bi. Read more »