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Second episode – updated to Windows 10 as tired of daily "reminder" to take action – about half a year ago – numerous crashes – made computer unusable – so un-installed and reverted to Windows 7 (which I love!). Was told that even with uninstalling Windows 10 leaves a "legacy" on your machine and vcruntime140.dll may continue to auto-update. Somehow, with the aid of on-line sites, I finally disabled that – and today ….

My PC suddenly went from 8 sec. shutdown to a few min. probably a conflict between some update plus an old driver. Your advice no 3; "Driver Or Operating System Problems – IObit offers a tool called Driver Booster that may scan your PC for outdated drivers boost them in your case." have been effective now it’s returning to 8 sec. :) )

Currently, the obvious way to change it out is at Firefox. Launch the browser, and return about:preferences within the URL bar. Then navigate to Search about the left-hand menu. On this screen, you need to select your best search engine through the dropdown then tick Use this internet search engine for searches from Windows. If youre a Chrome user, browse the Chrometana application to choose from Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo (the Firefox method will provide you with a wider choice)

Every operating system has a default resolution. When you upgrade to the previous resolution, the resolution already set is carried forward to new installations. In case of clean installations, the operating system determines the top resolution for the display and sets it as to the it thinks is better. When this display resolution conflicts your of games, you might not have the ability to play games fullscreen.

Process Explorer gives loads of information about whats running on your computer, also it can inform you what process started a COM Surrogate. Look through this list for the dllhost.exe process they have COM Surrogate inside Description field. Mouse over it, and youll see some information on whats responsible for it.