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Q: Exactly What would you phone two people that are fat a talk? A: A heavy conversation.

Q: Did you learn about the 2 sleep insects who came across into the mattress? A: They got hitched within the springtime.

Q: how come watermelons have actually fancy weddings? A: Because they cantaloupe.

Q: Have the joke was heard by you concerning the butter? A: we do not inform you, it may spread.

Q: Just how do baseball players stay cool? A: They sit close to their fans.

Q: Why had been the math book sad? A: Because it had way too many dilemmas.

Q: What operates but does not get anywhere? A: a ice box.

Q: What is definitely an astronaut’s favorite put on a pc? A: The Space bar!

Q: Why had been the robot angry? A: People kept pressing its buttons.

Q: What exam do young witches need to pass? A: a test that is spell-ing!

Q: What can you phone a sheep without any relative mind with no feet? A: A cloud!

Q: Why did the kid consume his research? A: Because their instructor stated it absolutely was a little bit of dessert!

Q: Why is Basketball this kind of messy sport? A: Because you dribble on the ground!

Q: how will you keep in touch with a seafood? A: Drop him a line!

Q: What did the digital watch say to their grandfather? A: Look grandpa no arms!

Q: Where do sheep head to get haircuts? A: Towards The Baa Baa store!

Q: What does a shark prefer to consume with peanut butter? Read more »