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Many ppl are appropriate

Most ppl are appropriate, fetlife has become more & similar to a porn that is glorified for dudes to masturbate to. There is absolutely no feeling of community enjoy it’s likely to. And also the only thing you’ll find consistent is you will find are women who are bitchy & cliquey & some with egos the size of your state that they advertise only thin women & seem to support unprotected sex. What. And there’s bullying if you post such a thing in a thread. So. Then fetlife is the place for you if you want to join what it essentially a cheap porn site & get bullied.

Ignore these types of other reviewers

Ignore these types of other reviewers. This review board is actually for the internet site. 50 % of them are annoyed at their lovers for unsuccessful marriages or they’ve been upset that they had a free account and mayn’t get laid on need.

Exactly exactly exactly What fetlife is with in the truth is a social platform just like facebook that caters to those in a alternate life style. Absolutely absolutely Nothing pretty much. The internet site will not cause unsuccessful relationships more facebook does then. It is only a platform. Fet does not produce a free account for somebody against their might, nor does it force one to be afflicted by content that is adult. It doesn’t in almost any way “hook up people”, it doesn’t force you to cheat, many of these reviews that are bad predicated on exactly just how some body utilized the internet site perhaps not the web site it self. Read more »