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“I speak well and lipreading well, not 100%. My spouse and we misunderstand one another just about every day. Just how can we live that way? No enjoyable in heat battle. I just walk away or sit down to reading books and so on. I signs to deaf people, I never tire of signs. Will stay in deaf groups whenever I have tired of lipreading in hearing groups. I’d like my better half usage signs more regularly. Sometime he cannot and do. I am able to hear some within my hearing that is left. Can’t the words. Just noises. “-Visitor

“HOH. I have difficulty hearing voice that is certain along with in team settings, and anybody behind me personally. My husband is extremely supportive. He knew whenever I was met by him, that I didn’t hear well.

. Tough whenever one celebration hears well (my husband) and another doesn’t. We still need to remind hubby he can not state material to my straight back, walk far from me personally, phone from another space or have the tv or music up noisy. We have him repeat himself whenever necessary. Read more »