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Supposedly right women can be delivering intimate photos of on their own to one another. Nonetheless it’s just platonic, they keep insisting. Appropriate.

“Frexting” is just a certainly frankensteinian portmanteau of “friend” and “sexting. ” It is additionally a phrase that some women can be making use of to spell it out platonic sexting between sets of straight feminine buddies.

As writer Kelly Williams Brown sets it in a blog post, “Instead of sexting that random person … send them up to a friend that is close who can inform you you appear hot. Just send PG or PG-13 rated photos, obviously. ”

Clearly. Because giving an R- or pic that is x-rated a buddy could be love, completely homosexual. Eww.

Some straight males utilize the rhyming that is infamous “no homo” to simplify they are indeed heterosexual after saying one thing suggestive—or also simply friendly—to another guy. Read more »