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  1. Girls’ and women’s literacy prices are increasing. In accordance with UNESCO, the literacy price one of the population that is female 15 years and older has increased from 75.85 % in 1982 to 93.84 % in 2016. The feminine literacy rate continues to be below a man price, that has been 81.83 per cent in 2016, nevertheless the space among them has narrowed throughout the previous ten years.
  2. Illiteracy rates are greater in rural areas compared to metropolitan areas. Based on the Pan United states wellness Organization, the illiteracy price in Paraguay varies between women and men in addition to between individuals located in metropolitan and rural areas. At the time of 2010, the illiteracy websites price had been three % for metropolitan males, 6.8 % for rural males, 3.9 per cent for metropolitan ladies and 9.5 per cent for rural females. While women’s illiteracy prices are more than men’s both in areas, rural women can be at a specific drawback.
  3. As of 2012, 42,490 girls that are school-aged maybe perhaps maybe not go to college. Girls’ college attendance falls sharply from main school to school that is secondary. Both for male and female pupils, the portion of qualified those who attend college is somewhat reduced for additional school than for main college. According to survey information gathered from 2008 to 2012, UNICEF reports that 83.9 % of qualified girls signed up for main college compared to just 63.4 percent signed up for additional college.
  4. More girls than men signed up for additional college. Regardless of the fall off in feminine college enrollment from main to additional college, a somewhat bigger portion of qualified girls sign up for additional college than qualified men of the identical age. Read more »