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Not surprisingly, the data reveal that perform borrowers are a lot almost certainly going to appear than occasional borrowers into the post-period in most states. Chances ratio for Virginia is a lot less than for other states, suggesting that in Virginia the statutory law change notably altered customer structure. In sc and Washington, but, the chances ratios look more normal. Both states had been marginally much more likely than other states to retain non-repeat borrowers, however the differences are little, suggesting why these states didn’t experience customer that is notable when lending amount dropped.

Finally, like in the regressions that are pooled the law-change outcomes show no evidence that extended repayment choices matter. This can be as a result of omission of Colorado, the only state where extensive payment is mandatory, not only an alternative. It might be as a result of the undeniable fact that the lending company supplying the information makes extended repayment options available even yet in states that do not want it. As a result, these regressions may well not capture the effect of extensive repayment choices on loan providers without this kind of policy. Read more »