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Today markings the beginning of Sunshine Week, a nationwide and state designation that calls focus on the critical significance of the transparency and accountability all degrees of federal federal government owe with their constituencies.

Sunshine Week, March 10-16, celebrates your straight to learn about federal federal government decisions and officials’ deliberations. The laws and regulations protecting the right that is public’s see documents and attend conferences are vital tools for reporters and residents alike.

The same power because transparency is important to us all that’s the beauty of the law, it gives everyone.

These available federal government laws and regulations are vital keeping in mind all of us informed on things of general public security, education and exactly how income tax cash is spent and gathered.

The everyday Press constantly emphasizes this as being a quality-of-life that is critical, but residents nevertheless encounter hurdles involving less-than-cooperative general public officials who stall or charge absorbent fees for information.

Why don’t we be clear: Any information that is public whether minutes to a gathering or even a database or records — should really be available and capable of being scrutinized through FOIA.

The federal Freedom of Information Act was what the law states since July 4, 1966. Virginia’s FOIA goes back to 1968. Read more »