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COLUMBUS — is it possible to teach a dog that is old tricks? And is it beneficial to use?

Those are concerns police divisions across the state will likely be cannabis oil obligated to inquire of by themselves, now that Ohio’s brand new hemp-legalization law has cast a cloud over drug-sniffing dogs’ ability to give you “probable cause” to conduct drug queries.

Because cannabis and hemp are both through the cannabis plant and smell identical, dogs can’t tell the huge difference, so both the Ohio Highway Patrol in addition to Columbus Division of Police are suspending marijuana-detection training for brand new police dogs to uncomplicate probable cause problems in court.

“The decision to avoid imprinting narcotic detection canines using the smell of cannabis ended up being according to a few factors,” including that the “odor of cannabis together with smell of hemp are the same,” stated Highway Patrol spokesman Staff Lt. Craig Cvetan.

When your pet dog happens to be trained to identify a specific narcotic, they can’t be retrained to get rid of responding compared to that odor, Cvetan said. Are you aware that 31 narcotic-detection canines currently implemented by the patrol, “we are evaluating what impact the hemp legislation could have.”

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