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You lay down and she straddles you. You consume her away and she controls the pressure and way by increasing up or reducing by herself down.


In place of doing most of the work your self, take to remaining nevertheless and achieving her gyrate against your tongue and lips. She can additionally achieve right right straight back and stimulate her hands to your shaft.


  • This position offers her complete control of the stress you connect with her clitoris and vagina.
  • The ‘Face Sitter’ is very comfortable for you personally and takes the guesswork away from striking the spot that is perfect. In the event that you aren’t confident going straight down on your own girl, this will be a fantastic place to use.
  • She can effortlessly rub her nipples or even the top of her vulva as both of her arms stay free.


  • If you prefer being the principal partner, you may possibly feel constrained by with place.
  • Breathing could be tricky in this position, make certain you appear for air!

#5. The Switch-Up

Also called: The ‘Role Reversal’


She stacks up together with her foot shoulder-width apart. You kneel between her feet so that your mouth has reached the height that is same her clitoris. You fun her while she guides the head along with her fingers. She can place one base on a nearby seat, sleep or couch to provide you with easier usage of her clitoris.


  • This place provides her a hugely erotic view of you pleasuring her.
  • She’s in complete control – a large switch on for the majority of ladies – she’ll think it’s great! Read more »