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In Texas judge Charlie Baird sentenced a woman to ten years’ probation for injury to a child by omission september. The lady, twenty-year-old Felicia Salazar, admitted that she had neglected to protect her 19-month-old youngster from the brutal beating because of the young child’s dad, Robert Alvarado, and that she had neglected to look for health care bills when it comes to child’s accidents, including broken bones. As well as other, more ordinary probation conditions (including 100 hours of community service and mental guidance), the judge ordered Salazar never to conceive and keep a kid while on probation.

In this line, We address the relevant concern whether this type of probation condition unconstitutionally infringes upon Salazar’s fundamental directly to procreate.

The Appropriate Supreme Court Precedents

The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to deal with situation that is exactly on point for this kind of probation condition. However, two lines of decisions are appropriate. One line has to do with sterilization. Read more »