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White Girl: John, ever I noticed you’ve been avoiding me since you got back from your vacation to Japan. Why?

John: Because we understood just how slutty and unsightly you may be in comparison to asian girls, GTFO

An Asian is a person who is of Asian decent. An individual identifies A asian individual, they generally suggest somebody with ancestry from eastern Asia: Asia, Japan, Korea, etc.

(1) a young woman from Asia

(2) A figment for the collective imagination that is non-Asian those who seem to have heritage from the nation in the continent of Asia, and thus are susceptible to a slew of stereotypes from people around the globe including (although not limited by) being exotic, innocent, submissive, brainy, hyper intimate, brief, proficient at mathematics, thin, or international

(3) an identification developed by individuals who look like of Asian lineage, because wherever they’re going outside of Asia they have been observed become of an exotic homogeneous battle; a term frequently used by Asian Us citizens to unify for governmental, social or financial purposes

(4) perhaps one of the most commonly searched terms next to “porn”

(1) A: Did you meet anybody interesting at the party? B: Yes, I came across A asian woman whom simply arrived through the Philippines.

(2) A: (walking as much as a lady with right black colored locks and almond-shaped eyes) I love Asian girls. B: I Am Colombian.

A: (walking as much as a woman with right hair that is black almond-shaped eyes) I love Asian girls. B: You suggest you like most of the women through the lots of nations in Asia who all have actually different countries, languages, governments and economies? Which is good. I am through the U.S.

A: we didn’t study when it comes to mathematics test! B: Just cheat off the girl that is asian Chung Lee. She’s become smart.

Puff Daddy: “My aim is winnin got women that are asian change my linen after we done blazed and strike’em.”

(3) i love to be around other Asian girls thus I’m likely to join a sorority that is asian. Read more »