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This election ended up being about more than Taiwan’s relations that are uneasy Asia

Taiwan’s very first feminine president, Tsai Ing-wen, won an additional presidential term final thirty days with a 57 per cent vote share and accurate documentation 8.2 million votes. During her campaign, Tsai and her governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) advocated for the requirement to protect Taiwan’s democracy and freedom from Asia’s threats — with reminders that Taiwan’s fate could 1 day end up like Hong Kong’s.

Tsai’s landslide victory delivered a sign to Asia together with globe that the Taiwanese were determined to safeguard their democracy with regards to had been threatened, specially after seeing Hong Kong’s year of unrest. But this victory that is commanding has essential implications for sex equality in Taiwan. Here you will find the three things you ought to think about:

1. Misogyny and sexism marked this campaign.

Tsai has took part in three presidential elections since 2012. Her opponents and also the news have actually scrutinized Tsai to be a lady — an unmarried and woman that is childless. Her opponent that is major Kuo-yu associated with Kuomintang (KMT), stated during their campaign that ladies belonged in your home. Read more »