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He grabs a condom and starts it. I am much more astounded with what he stated after. We text my roomie telling her to phone me personally and fake an emergency in which he venmos me personally for my Uber back. I have house and understood that We left my tie here. Therefore I message him via Venmo asking him if they can carry it to my dorm. I am like yeah whatever simply give me personally the tie. Then he informs me that the tie was worn by him to chapter like i am designed to think that is hot or something like that??

Idk exactly exactly what this person is thinking ever. I am just like, “You wore somebody else’s garments without their authorization? He is going to leave before he asks me personally if he should text me personally. I am surprised that this child will not discover how everything that is awful therefore I simply told him, “You’ve got my venmo. My 2 and half relationship with my ex was essentially a hookup everytime we saw each other year.

We just saw one another every months or more and often a lot longer. The only thing we did whenever we got together was have intercourse. First ever time we saw one another, we went right into a Shoppers drugmart shop and got condoms and lube. Read more »