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One chapter titled Don’t Lie includes lines like, “There are few things females hate significantly more than insincerity” and “If you’ve told your date you’re a six-foot-tall astronaut whenever actually you’re 5 ft 9 and offer insurance, she’s gonna find out. ”

“It’s about trust and making certain we represent them in ways that is comfortable for them and seems authentic, due to the fact by the end of your day they’re going to function as the one going regarding the date, ” he added over the telephone. “It’s crucial that every thing they are. We do seems right and feels real to who”

But I’m maybe not an astronaut or an insurance coverage salesman. I’m a female sitting within my family area in Montreal, operating proxies to my smartphone and laptop computer. I’m logged into my client’s Tinder and records, showing up on these platforms (with the aid of many fake GPS solutions) to function as man I’m pretending to be. We take a seat on my settee and watch for communications to reach inside their inbox.

“Oh, you want Pink Floyd? ” I write to at least one match. “Cool. We saw them in concert in ‘77. ” This theoretically is not a fib: My customer did see Pink Floyd in 1977—though we wasn’t created until 1992.

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