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Line Production Converters

Line output converters (LOCs) are accustomed to transform a relative mind device’s presenter outputs or the outputs of a OEM amplifier into an indication suitable to drive the preamp inputs of an amplifier. Many line production converters (LOCs) utilized in days gone by years that are few made for high production mind devices.

The presenter production of a top driven mind device is made to run in a configuration that is bridged. The presenter cables through the mind device each have actually 50 % of the DC battery pack voltage to them as soon as the mind device is on. Once the mind product is down, the voltage regarding the production cables is 0 volts DC. Once the mind device is started up, the DC voltage immediately changes from 0 volts DC to 1/2 associated with the battery pack voltage.

Construction: First, let us consider the many fundamental line production converter. Usually the one below wouldn’t be appropriate to convert the presenter production from any mind device or amplifier who has DC biasing (1 / 2 of the B+ voltage) on its presenter terminals. That one will act as a voltage divider (covered in the Resistors web web web web page) to reduce the signal simply level. Read more »