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A report in the US implies that same-sex relationships suffer greater amounts of domestic physical violence than heterosexual ones. Exactly why is this, and exactly how are Us citizens coping with the situation?

Two decades ago into the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Curt Rogers’ then boyfriend imprisoned him in the apartment for three-and-a-half hours and threatened to kill him with a knife and a gun.

After hours of talking, Rogers been able to somewhere escape and find to disguise. It absolutely was a terrifying ordeal, but at that time he did not think a crime was indeed committed.

“we did not identify it as domestic physical physical violence as a result of pictures available to you about domestic violence being a problem experienced by heterosexual females, ” he states.

For many years US health insurance and public service employees provided this loss of sight, continuing to target very nearly solely on assisting women mistreated by male lovers, despite the fact that same-sex wedding or civil partnerships have been recognised for legal reasons in a lot of states.

This past year, the usa Centers for infection Control and Prevention released figures people that are showing same-sex relationships experience levels of domestic physical violence in the same way frequently as those who work in heterosexual relationships.

But the conclusions of some other research this 12 months because of the Northwestern University Feinberg class of Medicine in Chicago – overview of information from four previous studies, involving 30,000 individuals – go further.

“One of your startling findings was that prices of domestic physical violence among same-sex partners is pretty regularly greater than for opposite gender partners, ” states Richard Carroll, a psychologist and co-author for the report. Read more »