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Clitoral Stimulation with Le Wand

Enable us this humblebrag but you this magical vibrating massager is a clitoris’ best friend if you ask any Le Wand devotee, they’ll tell. The vibrations begin soft sufficient for painful and sensitive clits and easily go as much as maximum power for women who require additional ‘oomph’.

Drop only a little lube regarding the end of one’s Le Wand Massager or Le Wand Petite and commence the vibrations regarding the cheapest environment. Go the massager mind around your clitoris utilizing our recommended hand motions – up-and-down, side-to-side, in a circle – and slowly amp up the vibrations (or perhaps not!) as your clitoris begs to get more.

Once you’ve got the hang of Le Wand life, tease your clitoris with all the massager’s 20 distinct vibration habits. These rumbly, pre-set patterns behave like effortless foreplay, warming you up for the top O with escalating vibrations that party and twirl around your babe switch.

just Take those tingles into the level that is next Le Wand’s Droplet or Spiral texture covers. These soft, squishy silicone covers are crafted to create your clitoris sing, and trust us, you’ll certainly desire to bust down the (water-based) lube of these children. Go a wand that is well-lubricated around your clitoris and labia – even without having the vibrations fired up – for the style of exactly exactly what texture may bring to your play.

Twin Stimulation – Clitoral & Vaginal/ Anal

The clitoris makes a exemplary partner-in-crime for a variety of sexy tasks. Read more »