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Freud interpreted this dream as wish-fulfillment. He had wished that Irma’s bad condition had not been his fault and also the fantasy had satisfied this wish by informing him that another physician is at fault. Centered on this fantasy, Freud (1900) proceeded to suggest that a function that is major of ended up being the satisfaction of desires.

Freud distinguished between your manifest content of a fantasy ( exactly just exactly what the dreamer remembers) and also the latent content, the symbolic concept associated with fantasy (in other words., the root wish). The content that is manifest usually on the basis of the events of this time.

The method whereby the wish that is underlying translated in to the manifest content is named dreamwork. The goal of dreamwork is always to transform the wish that is forbidden a non-threatening type, hence reducing anxiety and enabling us to continue resting. Dreamwork involves the procedure for condensation, displacement, and elaboration that is secondary.

The entire process of condensation could be the joining of several ideas/images into one. For instance, a dream of a person might be considered a fantasy of both a person’s daddy and something’s fan. Read more »