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As a college student, you shall have to write dozens of papers on different topics. Depending on the subject studying that is you’re you will use some essay styles more than others. This informative article gives a short description for the most frequently used kinds of college essays and also the citation styles that you will need certainly to use for each.

The Expository Essay

The essay that is expository something, or describes, or presents information and it is used to share with your reader. Your professors will ask you to write this kind of essay to help you learn more about the topic, to evaluate your power to research your topic effectively, also to prove your comprehension of the niche. It is an impersonal style of writing and that while you may refer to the audience as ‘you’, you may not refer to yourself as ‘I’ when you write an expository essay, remember that. It’s a factual essay, so that your opinion is not needed. Expository essays require citation. The citation that is typical for those essays are MLA or APA formatting or Harvard modes.

The Persuasive Essay

Given that name implies, a essay that is persuasive” your reader to a place of view. Read more »