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Final Updated on April 2, 2020

Yourself and make small talk when you meet a new Korean person, you’ll want to introduce. Therefore learning how exactly to introduce your self in Korean is essential!

How you’ll present yourself in Korean will change on the basis of the situation, you can be got by us started in the essentials. Include to these predicated on your circumstances. Let’s get going!

It’s good to debate a number of points from the ways and tradition in Korea first. In Korean after you’ve learned them, we’ll get started on how to introduce yourself!

1. Before whatever else, greet them by saying ?????.

It’s important in Korean tradition become courteous and show respect towards other people. Very very very First impressions are every thing.

2. Bow while you greet them.

That is an indication of respect and politeness. If you’re currently acquainted then merely a mind nod must do.

3. In the event that you shake hands, make use of your right hand or both fingers.

Whenever you shake arms, make use of your right hand or both fingers. Read more »