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Our vision to redefine wellbeing by elevating plant-based healing and function for many starts at the source — our supply.

Our Hemp that is whole Extract CBD

The soil it’s planted in, how it’s cared for and how it’s processed afterwards as ambassadors of this plant with a profound respect for its power and potential, we take its sourcing very seriously: its origin. It matters. A lot. Because in the middle from it, these factors influence purity, concentration, land health and finally, your wellbeing So we sought after the utmost effective, visiting hemp areas across the united states, consuming at farmers’ kitchen area tables, and extraction that is inspecting in order to locate it.

One extremely farm that is special our uncompromising requirements. Family owned, multi-generational, good individuals. Their level of real information (agronomy and botany) and commitment to soil health, natural quality and sustainability had been second to none — these people were precisely the partner we was in fact trying to find.

Nevertheless the story does end that is n’t. Our dedication to ingredient quality starts with seed and soil and holds most of the way right through to our extraction process.

First Class Seed

We utilize proprietary plant genetics of industrial hemp — which have actually numerous patents pending for groundbreaking breeding methods — all made possible and substantiated by advanced level genomic mapping. Read more »