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The possibility of acquiring HIV through unprotected anal intercourse are at minimum 20 times more than with unprotected vaginal intercourse and increases if other infections happen to be contained in the lining that is rectal. Could the utilization of lubricants — at the least particular sorts — be another risk element among gents and ladies whom participate in receptive rectal intercourse? Two studies presented during the Overseas Microbicides Conference in Pittsburgh, recommend the solution is yes.

In one single research involving almost 900 people in Baltimore and l. A.

The scientists discovered that people who utilized lubricants had been 3 times almost certainly going to have rectal sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Another research that subjected popular over-the-counter and mail-order lubricants to rigorous laboratory tests found that lots of the items were toxic to cells and rectal muscle. If in people, the products have a similar impact, the cells may be rendered more susceptible objectives for HIV disease than they are already.

In the us alone, receptive rectal intercourse is practiced in as much as 90 % of homosexual as well as other men that have intercourse with guys, in accordance with International Rectal Microbicides Advocates. Furthermore, the training is certainly not restricted to guys. U.S. Quotes and studies in the uk suggest between 10 to 35 per cent of heterosexual females have actually engaged in rectal intercourse at least one time. Globally, quotes suggest 5 to 10 % of intimately active ladies are having anal intercourse. While condoms are often effective for protecting against HIV along with other STIs, most acts of rectal intercourse get unprotected.

Microbicides — substances used topically regarding the inside the rectum or vagina — may potentially help alleviate problems with the rectal transmission of HIV, plus some are increasingly being tested during the early stage we security studies. Read more »


Commonly known as ‘fertile window’, may be the right time once you must have intercourse. This is actually the time that is best to conceive since it escalates the likelihood of fertility. A track should be kept by you of one’s ovulation period as sex during this time period have fairly high odds of conceiving a child. Preferably, ovulation could be the duration 2 weeks ahead of the date that is due of menstrual period. When you yourself have intercourse 2 days before or regarding the time you ovulate, the probability of conceiving a child enhance.

What exactly is Ovulation?

Whenever egg is released through the ovaries, it really is fertilised by way of a semen and gets implanted into the womb. This is actually the procedure that makes a female expecting.

How to understand that i’m ovulating?

As previously mentioned, your ovulation duration is week or two before your menstrual period. You may want to make use of the Ovulation calculator to knowthe time that is right of ovulation. Ovulation calculator is useful whenever your period gets the exact exact same amount of times each month. Monitoring the ovulation signs such as cervical mucus, basal body’s temperature (BBT) normally useful to understand your ovulation period.

Cervical mucus could be the genital discharge. You may experience escalation in genital release 3 to 4 times prior to the ovulation duration. Read more »