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Probably the most evidence that is compelling date concerning the role of governmental option homophily in marriages arises from Alford et al. (2011).

1 Drawing on a study from a sample of twins and their loved ones, Alford et al. show that married partners are comparable for a number of governmental measures. To explore whether convergence describes this pattern, they document that this similarity is for the most part just modestly larger for partners who’ve been hitched for longer durations. They argue that this shows that when convergence arises it should take place at the beginning of a wedding, although this type of pattern may be because of a cohort impact; that is, if lovers much more current marriages tend to be more comparable at the start of their relationship than lovers who have been hitched in early in the day durations (see additionally Jennings and Stoker [2001], whom find increasing partner correlations for partisanship in the long run). 2 To know whether this concordance is explained by shared backgrounds (looking on other correlated facets or constrained partner areas), Alford et al. show that spousal governmental similarity can be found within salient social teams (defined separately by provided faith, training, church attendance, or party voting). This analysis rules down option homophily on other proportions as evoking the similarity in formed relationships as long as those partitionings completely take into account partner option and all sorts of sourced elements of provided governmental views. Read more »