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It looks like just yesterday we had been secretly making Tinder pages, stashing the application in a discreet folder regarding the 2nd or 3rd web web web page of y our home display screen and making up finally unconvincing tales to describe the way we came across the brand new complete stranger we’re bringing to Rachel’s wedding. .

Within the almost eight years since Tinder launched, internet dating has gone from the taboo, last-ditch resort for hopeless loners to 1 of the most extremely ubiquitous platforms and determining cultural touchpoints for contemporary relationship. There are many dating apps if it weren’t for dating apps than you can count on both hands, and while they’ve led to plenty of hookups and one night stands, dating apps have also led to many a relationship, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, etc. Yes, there are literally whole ass human beings out there who wouldn’t exist.

Dependent on different factors such as your affinity for rom coms and/or ideas on your message “meet-cute,” the rising ubiquity of dating apps could be either the biggest blessing or curse of this 2010s. Read more »