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“Four years back, once I first stumbled on Russia, I became literally stunned by just how Russian ladies look – in a good feeling. Russian ladies do care for on their own, but there is however a large distinction between young and mature females. The care that is latter less about their look: many older women don’t care for their epidermis and figure, and additionally they dye locks in strange colors. It Italy, it is vice versa: Women over 40 appearance alot more well-groomed than more youthful ladies.

The things I don’t realize is excatly why ladies here don’t wax their top lip. Another strange thing is several of my Russian friends clean their locks each day, insisting that here is the right move to make. But this will be incorrect and also detrimental to your own hair! Then, numerous women that are russian a weakness for hefty foundation and face powder, helping to make their faces seem like masks. Russian ladies additionally utilize too much perfume, but we now have this issue in Italy, too.

In the exact same time, Moscow is really an utopia for fingers! Now we cannot live without Moscow manicures – they truly are plenty much better than in Italy. Maybe, for the reason that for the environment: it’s cold and dirty in Moscow for a lot of the season, so that your hands require constant care. The thing that is only can’t understand may be the appeal of fake finger finger finger nails. How will you clean together with them? And how would you do any ongoing make use of both hands as a whole?”

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