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New Location

this message just in:

Dear Friends,

The invitation has been up for several months now at the Squeeze website, but there are some exciting changes recently.  Go to:

the version of the site

We have found a new venue within a half mile of our cottage at Coldbrook campground.  Felton Field is an approximately 20 acre fairground with baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, horse rings, stalls, food booth, pavilion, barn and convenient ample restrooms.  Water is available at various locations, but there are no showers or camper hookups.

We will be sharing Felton Field with a horse show & trail ride. There is plenty of room, but we will not have the use of the horse rings, stalls or food booth.  The horse people will be using the barn for dinner Saturday night, but it is available to us for the rest of the weekend.

Well mannered dogs are allowed.  Also due to the horses, there will be no fireworks.  Hope you aren’t disappointed (Myron & Kathy Keeser.)

Unlike Coldbrook management, Margo Petricone, our contact person has been most helpful with the arrangements.

The work party will be in three weeks, Oct. 1st & 2nd.  Many hands make light work.  Hope to see you there.  You are welcome to stay all week, just let us know.

Please reply to this address,

David & Diane


Dear Squeezers,

Diane & I would like to thank all of you who participated in the Squeeze this year for making it such a success.  The weather helped & the new location & arrangements with Coldbrook worked well.  Next year we should do better by marking restricted parking areas & resrving the closest campsites.

We have collected many photos from the Squeeze this year, but I haven’t had time to edit & organize them.  So far, I have only had time to resize them & put them up on the website.  if someone would like to edit & consolidate these photos, please contact me.  It’s a fun project but time consuming.  To see the site in its present configuration, click on the following link:

We have added some photos of the R&R under Man-O-War Cay.  The boat is reserved for the end of February but is available for most of the winter.  If you are interested in a tropical break from winter, let us know.

We have also updated the guest address list.  If information is incorrecrt or missing, send us the proper info & I will make the corrections.

Again we want to thank our guests, especially those who came to the work party & those of you who stayed to help tear down.

Hope to see you next year,
David & Diane

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