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Praise be to Allah.

Praise be to Allaah.

Having sex with one spouse within the existence for the other and where she will see is one thing concerning which there must be no dispute it is haraam.

1 – al-Hasan al-Basri said: They – meaning the Sahaabah and senior Taabi’een – utilized to regard wajs as makrooh, which means that sex with one as soon as the other can hear the noises. The word “makrooh” based on the previously scholars means it is haraam.

Narrated by Ibn Abi Shaybah in al-Musannaf, 4/388

2 – Ibn Qudaamah (may Allaah have mercy on him) stated: If two spouses consent to live together within one household, that is permissible, since they each have actually the proper to their particular household, however they may give that right up. Similarly they might consent to allow him rest among them in a single sleep. But because it is vile and despicable and is not appropriate, and it does not become permissible even if they agree to it if they agree to let him have intercourse with one of them when the other one is looking, that is not permissible.

3 – al-Hajaawi the writer of Zaad al-Mustanqi’ said: It is makrooh to own sexual intercourse where everyone can see.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen commented on these expressed terms by saying:

It’s very strange he restricted himself to explaining it as makrooh. This covers two dilemmas. The foremost is intercourse that is having the awrahs of both lovers is visible. Certainly restricting yourself to stating that this can be makrooh is an error, since it is obligatory to pay for the ‘awrah. If it’s in a spot where anybody can see their ‘awrahs, that is certainly haraam, and just what this writer claims just isn’t proper after all.

The second reason is having sex in a destination in which the ‘awrah may not be seen. Restricting yourself to saying that this can be makrooh can be at the mercy of discussion that is further. As an example, if they’re covered having a blanket in which he begins to have sex together with her, in addition to motions is visible. Read more »